Discography 2004-2000

a034 / A.A.V.V.
“Remix.a034.it – The Colours of Recycle”

digital download, remix album
a034.it, December 2004

includes Fainting & Hell-o! feat. Spiral‘s “Meteoropatia (Reincarnation of the Ethernal Insectoid Remix)

“Muzick Out of Open Windows”

Field Muzick, fm001, November 2004

includes Andrea Marutti‘s exclusive track “My Playground

“Fields 1”

Field Muzick, fm002, November 2004

includes sound sources by Andrea Marutti and Aidan Baker

“Un’estate senza pioggia”

Grey Sparkle, GS004CD, November 2004

features additional sounds by Andrea Marutti

Manuele Cecconello / A.A.V.V.

DVDr + CDr
Prospettiva Nevskji, September 2004

includes Never Known‘s exclusive track “Shore Leave

“Record of Shadows Infinite”

Crucial Blast, cbr33, April 2004

includes Amon‘s exclusive track “Drone / Evidence / Foundation

“Origine comune”

digital download
Sine3pm, s3p001, April 2004

includes Andrea Marutti‘s exclusive track “Sine of the Times

“The Power Propaganda”

CDr, ltd. 133 copies
Anaemic Waves Factory, awf009, January 2004

includes Spiral‘s exclusive track “I Am the Walrus

Never Known
“Live in Due Acque, 07.10.2000”

digital download
S’agita Recordings, December 2003

originally released as part of the “S’agita Soundfiles” Christmas release, was later included on the “Breaking Down the Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years of Afe” compilation

Fainting and Hell-o!
“Two Girlz and Them Hitz EP”

digital download
Ctrl+Alt+Canc, ctrl11, December 2003

born from one of the most fertile minds of the Italian electronic music scene and available for download for a limited time only, this mashup project involved the partecipation of some well renowned experimentalists whose names won’t be revealed here… Those were the days!

“Ixem Compilation”

private edition, October 2003

includes Andrea Marutti‘s exclusive track “I Am a Field Recordist

Wooden Sights
“19/20 August 2003”

private edition, October 2003

includes two long improvisation pieces recorded by Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh, Daniela Gherardi, Matteo Uggeri, Giulio Biaggi/Nefelheim and Andrea Marutti


private edition, September 2003

a project that included contributes by Andrea Marutti and many other members of the Ixem Collective

The John Pelushi Bear Band
“Happy Birthday Afeman”

private edition, July 2003

the best gift I received for my 33th birthday: a new series of Wolkspurz & Ramirez‘s “Teddy Bear” remixes created on purpose by Logoplasm, Luca Sigurtà, Fhievel, Matteo Uggeri, Marita Cosma and Fabio Selvafiorita

“22-05-03 h24:00 (A Collective Exploration of Syncronicity)”

digital download
Ctrl+Alt+Canc, ctrl10, May 2003

as per title, a collection of fields recording taken by Andrea Marutti and many other participants on May 22, 2003, at midnight; these were acousmatically diffused during an iXem installation in Florence during the Superfici Sonore festival in late June 2003


CD EP / 10″ ltd. 300 copies
Weird Amplexus, wax07 / wax07v, April 2003

this work was conceived in two different versions: the CD version contains one 21 minutes long track while the 10″ vinyl has about 14 minutes of music on each side; both formats include exclusive material and slighlty different versions of certain tracks

“Une spiral de violence”

CDr ltd. 50 copies
Afe, afe50009, March 2003

Elephant Zyclus

MiniCDr 3″
Afe, afe027mcd, March 2003

includes exclusive remixes by DJ Lips and Spiral


2xCDr, ltd. 80 copies
Deterrent Industries, deter009, March 2003

includes Andrea Marutti‘s exclusive track “A New Relation

“The Afe Sampler #2”

Afe, sampler#2, September 2002

promotional item not for sale, includes tracks by Lips Vago, Spiral, DJ Lips, Andrea Marutti & Raffaele Serra, Wolkspurz & Ramirez and (8-)

Peter Percept

CDr, ltd. 200 copies
Afe, afe042lcd, September 2002

features additional sounds by Andrea Marutti

“New Music For the Dream Machine”

Afe, éco001cd, August 2002

Subterranean Source
“Vivid Circles”

Desolation House, DH-0100, July 2002

features additional sounds by Amon

Wolkspurz & Ramirez / A.A.V.V.
“Teddy Bear Remix Project”

4xCDr, Box-set ltd. 100 copies
Afe, afe024box, July 2002

a monumental remix project that collects 64 versions of an original track by Wolkspurz & Ramirez

Wolkspurz & Ramirez
“Music For Your Holidays”

Afe, afe023cd, July 2002

Wolkspurz & Ramirez‘s one and only album, at the time of writing…

“Aura” (second edition)

7″ ltd. 300 copies, orange marbled vinyl
Drone Records, DR-29, May 2002

“Beyond the Sound”

Oltreilsuono, ois001, March 2002

includes Amon‘s exclusive track “Rahn

Never Known
“Dawn of an Era (Black Edition)”

Afe, afe008rcd, March 2002

Andrea Marutti
“Traces 94-95”

MiniCDr 3″
Taâlem, alm1, December 2001

Amalia Del Ponte
“Looking High”

private edition, November 2001

this multimedia project by Italian artist Amalia Del Ponte includes original music created on purpose by Andrea Marutti

“In the Realm of the Spiral”

Afe, afe026cd, October 2001

the final reissue of this tape, includes one extra track

Raffaele Serra / Andrea Marutti / Atto

CDr, ltd. 100 copies
Afe, afe021lcd, September 2001

this is the recording of the concert we held in September 2000 at the “Frontiere” multimedia happening

“In the Realm of the Spiral (Special Edition)”

CDr, ltd. 15 copies
Afe, afe026lcd, July 2001

a very special reissue of this tape, includes ten postcards and one extra track

Biped / A.A.V.V.
“The Biped Project, Version 1.0”

CDr, ltd. 200 copies
Pre Feed, Pfcdr 004, June 2001

includes two remixes by Amon

“Dreams and Nightmares”

Frammenti autoproduzioni, May 2001

includes Lips Vago‘s exclusive track “The Dream

“Salvation Bloodletting”

Live Bait Recording Foundation, LRBF 015, March 2001

includes Amon‘s exclusive track “Fire Hollow

Jim Brenholts / A.A.V.V.
“Tracks Across the Universe”

CD-Rom + 3xCDr
Aucourant Records, TATU-1, March 2001

subtitled “A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music“, the companion discs to this digital book by Jim Brenholts also includes Never Known‘s exclusive track “Shifting Through an Abiding Rest

Lips Vago
“Flowerpot Cocktail”

digital download
techNOH, techNOH.twelve, February 2001

“Fire Crawl With Me”

LP, ltd. 500 copies
Bar La Muerte, bar7, February 2001

includes Lips Vago‘s exclusive track “Mermaids After Midnight

Lips Vago
“A Trip To Wherever You Like”

Afe, afe019cd, December 2000

“Inquinamento acustico Vol. 1”

Misty Circles / Oktagön, MCR20 / OKT008, December 2000

includes Amon‘s exclusive track “Kilhekron Veli

Never Known
“Live at the Cosmic Egg, 10.06.2000”

CDr, ltd. 100 copies
Anaemic Waves Factory / Centiens, ACT004, October 2000

Amon / Never Known
“Live at Molto, 08.04.1997”

Afe, afe006rcd, September 2000

Lips Vago
“The Space Age”

MiniCDr 3″
Afe, afe016mcd, August 2000

“Nightingale Compilation II”

Steady Beatz, SPV085-77282, July 2000

includes an edited version of Never Known‘s “Scattering the Seeds of Life

“The Afe Sampler #1”

Afe, sampler#1, July 2000

promotional item not for sale, includes tracks by Amon, Lips Vago, Never Known and Minimal Man


CDr, ltd. 150 copies in plexiglass package
Blade Records, WMDA010, June 2000

Never Known
“On the Edge of Forever”

Eibon Records, nev021, May 2000

“Mothballs (Vol. 2)”

7″ EP, ltd. 100 copies
Mouthmoth, moth4, April 2000

includes Lips Vago‘s exclusive track “Freak Lobbies

“The World of Gothic”

ZYX Music, ZYX11200-2, March 2000

includes an edited version of Never Known‘s “Scattering the Seeds of Life

“From the Grave”

LP, ltd. 300 copies
Oktagön, OKT002, January 2000

an uncredited Amon rework of some Mortar tracks, it was  re-released in 2008 with bonus material