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CD/vinyl mastering service

Based on more than twenty-five years of experience in making electronic experimental music, I offer an audio mastering service to bands, labels, individuals, etc. who wish to have their own music professionally mastered for production at very friendly prices.

Your music will be mastered for CD production using different softwares and techniques depending on the style and condition of the original tracks. My service includes the following actions: file transfer, bit/sample rate conversion, noise reduction, hum removal, clicks and crackles removal, clipping and distortion removal, dc offset correction, equalization, stereo enhancement, compression and limiting, volume fluidity, general editing (fade-ins/outs, cross-fades, tracks order) depending on your needs and the condition of the original recordings.

Usually there are two ways to deliver your master to a disk replication facility for CD production: audio CD-R or, way more better, DDP.
A DDP (Disc Description Protocol) fileset ensures that the audio master received by the replicator will be completely free of errors.  DDPs are delivered as data on a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or transmitted via FTP, and nowadays are the industry-standard method for audio delivery files for replication. My mastering service for CDs always includes a free DDP fileset in the final price.

Of course I also master for vinyl, my service includes all the aforementioned actions plus bass monoing, low-passing, high-passing and phase correction depending on your needs, the condition of the original recordings and the total running time of your vinyl record project.

Althought my work has been uncredited many times, you can have a look at my Discogs page for a rough list of mastering / technical credits.

mastering from vinyl

As a long time collector, during the years I developed special skills on how to digitize and remaster old vinyl records. I have completely cleaned and remastered hundreds and hundreds of vinyls that cover most styles of recorded  music.

My personal tecnnique avoids using presets in favour of a self-learned method that allows me to completely get rid of the usual unpleasant clicks and pops in a non-destructive manner, thus preserving the details of the original recording.

Here’s an example of a song taken from a 1956 mono LP, you can listen to the original vinyl rip and to my remaster:

original vinyl rip

remastered version

And here is a recording taken from a battered Pietro and The Warlocks’ 7″ 33rpm mono EP published in Singapore in 1969: please note the total absence of artifacts and defects in the quieter parts of my remaster at 1m46s-1m54s and at 2m51s-2m58s.

original vinyl rip

remastered version

More examples will be uploaded soon on a dedicated page on Soundcloud:

All vinyl transfers are made using the following equipment:

Technics SL1200-MK2 turntable
Nagaoka HS-180 headshell
Audio Technica AT-440MLA Moving Magnet cartridge
Pro-Ject Tube Box DS MM/MC tube phono preamplifier
RME Fireface UFX+ audio interface

how to order

First of all get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page describing your needs. In due time you will receive my reply and an exact quote for my mastering duties.

As soon as I confirm your order you may pay online using PayPal or make a bank transfer. Turnaround time is about 2-4 weeks.

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