Andrea Marutti – Sleepless Nights | Lysergic Mornings reviewed on Vital Weekly

Here‘s the first review of Sleepless Nights | Lysergic Mornings as written by Howard Stelzer for Vital Weekly:

I’ve enjoyed the Belgian label Taâlem (which grew out of a previous label called Harmonie) ever since their beginning in the late ’90s. They mainly put out 3” CDrs (a format that reminds me of trading cards) of darkly atmospheric music marked by electro-acoustic disturbance. This current batch is the label’s 129th, 130th and 131st release, which shows how prolific they’ve become. The 20-minute limit of the format suits this stuff perfectly. Concise statements that leave me wanting more, forcing me to return and listen more deeply. The first disc is by the Italian artist Andrea Marutti, who used to run a label called Afe Records and also records as Amon, Spiral, Never Known and Lips Vago. His latest 3” for Taâlem is, as the title implies, a hallucinogenic drone that throws in some weird wrenches as it gets closer to the end. Marutti works in the post-Lustmord “dark ambient” mode here, starting out with ominous blankets with low throb and slow-motion watery threat. After several minutes, the curtains lift and with cleansing light comes children talking and roughly-recorded scrape that seems like it jumped in from a different record. It’s a neat tonal shift, one that continues into Marutti’s second track, “Peter’s Psychedelic Breakfast”. That title is, of course, a nod towards Pink Floyd, though its unclear who Peter is or what the Floyd connection is. This track is another drone, though lighter in mood than the opener. The strangest part is the very end, in which the sound fades and dissipates, leaving a coda of digital glitches as if someone accidentally bumped the microphone or a cord went bad… and then abruptly hits an “off” switch. Weird. […]

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