Unfolk – File Under Oblivion

Last September I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Alessandro Monti/Unfolk on a track. Basically, I abused one of his guitar pieces – treating it with several effects – and I also added a few synthesizer sounds for good measure. In the beginning there was no plan to release it, but Alessandro enjoyed the result and thought that it would fit on the latest Unfolk album, which was still in the making then… Well a few months are passed and our collaboration – baptized “Alpha/Black Hole/Omega”- was included as the last number on “File Under Oblivion“, the final chapter of the Unfolk project which was recently released by M.P. Records. Needless to say that I’m happiest to be featured among the members of the Unfolk collective on this very special double CD release. Here’s a short press-release written by Alessandro himself:

File Under Oblivion” is the final Unfolk album: from positive artistic oblivion (Disc 1) to negative Internet oblivion (Disc 2), the topic changes and so does the music; a PROGression through different genres, decontextualized and even merging into each other. Not exactly a ‘concept album’, but all the tracks are thematically linked. Featuring the Unfolk Collective plus Tim Bowness as a special guest on one track, Mauro Martello (OpusAvantra) and a rare remix by house music legend Visnadi (who scored huge hits as Alex Party & Livin’ Joy in the 90’s). Exclusive artwork by Jarrod Gosling, Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge, London.

The Unfolk Collective is: Roberto Noè, Claudio Valente, Daniele Principato, Alex Masi, Elisabetta Montino, Riccardo De Zorzi, Franco Moruzzi, David Mora, Matteo Lucchesi, Tullio Tombolani, Bebo Baldan, Andrea Marutti, Alessandro Monti.

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