Last June the 7th, I joined my friends Massimo & Antonio – better knows as ODRZ – in their studio located in Osnago (close to Lecco, Italy) to offer my contribution to their huge ODRZ66 collective project.

Every friday night from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., starting from January the 4th, 2019, ODRZ have recorded a noise track. Musicians operating in the Electronic, Experimental and Noise scene were invited to participate and record a live improvisation with them. The project will continue throughout the current year and at the end it will consist of 52 tracks, one for each week. ODRZ66 is supported by Norwegian label TIBProd Records which is releasing the outcome on a monthly basis on their Bandcamp page.

On purpose of this recording I dusted off my old Belco audio generators, a modified Casio SK-1 keyboard + assorted effects and gadgets. This is the direct link to the track we recorded together – simply entitled “ODRZ66.23” – which is now part of the June update. We also had time to record additional material which could easily be the foundation for a more structured future collaboration… Time will tell.

The picture in this post was taken by Enrico Ponzoni.

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