Amon “The Innermost Legacy” review on Igloo Magazine

Here’s the first review of “The Innermost Legacy”, written by Philippe Blache, that was posted a couple of weeks ago on the Igloo Magazine website:

True mastermind of synth-produced music and artisan of sonic electronic tinged odysseys, Andrea Marutti has made a name in the early years of industrial dark ambient music under the moniker of Amon / Never Known. Eibon Records has welcomed a number of his releases and Marutti’s own trajectory as sound producer can be compared in some way to the one of Caul. What makes his Amon / Never Known distinguishable is the focus on cavernous if not doom-like reverbed drones, like if those sinuous textures were resonating in an abandoned cathedral. “The Legacy” is an eloquent representative of this genre, renamed “The Innermost Legacy” for this special double album reissue. Those materials were initially published in 1999 for Eibon Records (leading actor in the rising of early 90s dark ambient chilling soundscapes, from Italy and other regions). This new edited version is published in collaboration with the now historical Silentes Records. The listener is invited to be immersed by dense caverns of drones, populated by noisy ghouls coming from the attic, blackened whispering electro-acoustic effects and ghostly melodious vibes rising at the sonic surface. An atmosphere of obscure disenchantment prevails all along this corpus of utterly bleak soundscapes, sometimes admitting a significant, esoteric and suggestively sacred vibe. “The Innermost Legacy” is an essential piece of dark ambient musical ataraxia that shows a real organic, experimental and craft-based facet, far away from more modern and generic releases in the genre. Fans of early Lustmord, Archon Satani, Terra Sancta and Yen Pox won’t be disappointed.

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